Saturday, June 11, 2011


Non-Japanese poetry

Please be advised that our editor for non-Japanese poetry has made his selection as follows:

  • Wang Ping, USA, from Shanghai, China: For Japan
  • Kathy Uyen Nguyen, Texas, USAuntitled (I watch the candle...)
  • Frank Joussen, Hueckelhoven, Germany The Weather in Japan
  • Scharlie Meeuws, Faringdon, United Kingdom:  Letter from Sendai
  • Sonja Smolec, Velika Gorica, CroatiaSakura, 11 March 2011 
  • Melissa Allen, Madison, Wisconsin, USA: Tremor
  • J.S. Watts, Cambridge, U.K. untitled (Before the season of cherry blossom...)
  • Kauser Parveen, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK: The Oarfish Omen
  • Piotr Stankiewicz, Warsaw, Poland:  An Elegy
  • Ron Woollard, London, United Kingdom Inspired by Hokusai's famous "Great Wave off Kanagawa" painting and the recent terrible Tsunami
  • Rich Follett, Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, USA: tsunami/origami
  • Michael Agius, Manchester, EnglandAwash
  • Jim Darwent, Liverpool, England:   We were arguing
  • Bharat Shekhar, New Delhi, IndiaEarth, Unearth
  • Marilyn Francis, England.: Reasons not to get up in the morning
  • Christopher Reilley, Dedham, MA, USATsunami 
  • James Zealy, USADivine Wind 
  • robert d. wilson, Philippines: Fat Cats, untitled (A year later...)
    Saša Važić, Serbia: untitled (sometimes...)

Congratulations to all of you!