Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Distribution of copies in Japan

We are going to publish the We Are All Japan anthology pretty soon.
Our plan is to distribute a certain number of copies to the afflicted area or to a responsible agency to secure the distribution of the anthology to schools and libraries hardest hit. A copy should also go to the national library in Japan.

Do you happen to have any idea as to how we could accomplish this?
Is there anyone or any agency or ministry in Japan willing to do that for free?

As you all know, the project has been funded by donations and the work on the anthology has been done by volunteers.

Thank you for any advice or help!


  1. Dear publishers,
    for reasons unknown to me as a non-computer expert I have only now found out that not only are there posts on this website after June 2011, but that the anthology is still on. WONDERFUL!
    As a non-Japanese author initially selected I´ve got 3 questions: is my poem still scheduled for inclusion, how can I buy a copy (email address please!), can I still send a haiku or two. Congrats & best wishes from Germany,Frank Joussen

  2. Dear Frank,
    If your name and the title of you poem are listed, then you are included in the anthology.
    It is still in print now, so it is too late for anyone to send any submission.
    The information about the sale will be posted on this blog as soon as the anthology is out.
    Thank you for your interest and all best wishes,
    Sasa Vazic

  3. This is is a wonderful thing you are doing. I am glad you included my work.